U.S. Inland & Intercoastal Waterway Systems

The Port of New Orleans opens access to over 14,500 miles of navigable inland waterways and access to the Gulf of Mexico.


It is no coincidence the factory's location is at the mouth of the Mississippi River. The Port of New Orleans and the 6 national railroads which service the port, opens access to the vast U.S. Inland and Intercoastal Waterway Systems with over 14,500 miles of navigable inland waterways and access to the Gulf of Mexico. Building Components and/or hybrid modular units can be economically and efficiently transported via barge, rail, or truck to virtually limitless markets located 400 miles east or west of the waterways, extending north to the oil booming Dakotas and as far south as earthquake devastated Haiti. ABTEC's transportation and distribution network is superior to and unlike any building component or modular manufacturer in America!


Since the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids, not much has changed in the world of building construction. Workers place a stone on top of another, and a brick on top of a brick. The Industrial Revolution started in 1780 and products began to be made in factories using industrial methods. Today buildings are constructed on-site as they were 4,000 years ago. Factories are chosen for their ready access to materials, production technology, inexpensive labor, efficiency, and other conditions that result in high quality at a low cost. It is unbelievable that real estate and construction, which is the leading sector of the world economy, is also the most primitive. Buildings should not be different from any other product. The factory is the natural evolution of hand-built craft that allows for maximum efficiencies of scale and the new ability to replicate the most creative architectural visions. The concept is a panacea of possibilities with the potential for varieties, alternatives, advancements, and improvements of every type, size, shape, and color. 

​ABTEC is a holding company consisting of 5 new, vertically integrated, socially and environmentally conscious companies:

  • TRANS GULF BUILDING SYSTEMS - Manufacturing high quality, architecturally compatible, environmentally friendly, preassembled, industrialized, residential and commercial building components.
  • AMERA HOME BUILDERS - Retail homebuilder using Trans Gulf products and focusing on producing affordable low, moderate, and medium-income workforce housing.
  • HISTORIC RE-CREATIONS - Reviving classic homes of the past, new homes that look old. Brand new houses, built with 21st Century technology, wrapped in the beauty and charm of an old house.
  • BIG MUDDY REALTY - Directly markets AMERA Home Builders and others through local real estate communities.
  • AMERICAN COMMERCIAL STRUCTURES - Wholesale sales of Trans Gulf products to independent residential and commercial builders and also partners with land developers.

ABTEC is cutting edge 21st Century building techniques and technology, partnering with traditional residential and commercial site builders and developers. A GAME CHANGING business model that provides a better way to build, redefines the construction industry, and sets the standards for quality, style and affordability!  ABTEC Builds Leaner, Faster, Stronger, Greener,  BETTER!™