Partner With ABTEC

If you are an owner or principal of a residential or commercial construction company and looking to increase your profitability, or have prime real estate that would be a candidate for major residential or commercial development, please submit the details and your contact information. ABTEC Builds Leaner, Faster, Stronger, Greener,  BETTER!™ ABTEC is Reinventing How We Build!™

Residential, Multi-Family & Commercial Joint Ventures

The ABTEC Group, represents an evolutionary and revolutionary approach to residential and commercial construction, a new way of thinking, Reinventing How We Build!™  ABTEC will open its doors October 2019 and will begin producing high quality, architecturally and environmentally friendly, prefabricated and modularized, residential and commercial factory-built components. Everything from basic CLT wall panels, CLT floor and roof systems, to CLT sub-sections and hybrid sub-assemblies units. Building single-family housing – we can handle it! Building apartments – we can handle it! Building hotels and motels – we can handle it! Building medical buildings and schools – we can handle it! Building franchise buildings and convenience stores – we can handle it! Building strip malls and man camps – we can handle it! No matter what your building needs, ABTEC can handle it. Partnering with ABTEC gives you flexibility, puts you in business faster, gives you a stronger structure with superior quality, and helps you build lean and green. We can handle it!

Development Partnerships

Partnerships and joint ventures are common and successful in the construction industry. They have become a major feature of the business landscape to increase market competitiveness and technological innovation. Partnerships and joint ventures help companies reach beyond natural and financial boundaries in an effort to locate new opportunities for growth and enter new markets. Developing strategic partnerships and joint ventures optimizes the use of capital and at the same time reduces risk, allowing for quicker expansion and growth while minimizing the strain on the balance sheet. Reasons to forming a partnership or joint venture:​

  • Risk Sharing - Risk sharing is a common reason particularly in highly capital intensive land development
  • Economies of Scale - A joint venture with a smaller or larger company can provide the economies of scale necessary to compete in a market and can be an effective way by which the companies can pool their resources
  • Market Access - Forming a joint venture can provide instant access to established, efficient, and effective distribution channels and receptive customer bases
  • Geographical Constraints - When there is an attractive business opportunity in a new market, partnering with a local company is attractive because penetrating a new market can be difficult both because of a lack of experience in such market and local barriers to non-local companies
  • Funding Constraints - When confronted with high up-front development costs, finding the right joint venture partner can provide necessary financing and credibility with third parties.

​​ABTEC is currently actively seeking partnerships and joint ventures. Presently, we are looking to joint venture small to large land tracts and undertake small to major building projects. Joint venturing allows us to manufacture and produce various products, as well as, expand our markets and services into specific geographical areas. We are looking for deals, but only good deals. ABTEC is cutting edge 21st Century building techniques and technology, partnering with traditional residential and commercial site builders and developers. A GAME CHANGING business model that provides a better way to build, redefines the construction industry, and sets the standards for quality, style and affordability!  ABTEC Builds Leaner, Faster, Stronger, Greener, BETTER!™