What We Really Want

What we really want is a brand new house wrapped in the beauty of an old house. The house must be seasoned by the past but its inner workings must be up to date. We are not willing to do without modern conveniences and creature comforts; we want plenty of closets, and an efficient modern air conditioning and heating system. And we want the new amenities of a gourmet kitchen, family room and home office. Yet we want all of this newness covered in layers of vintage tradition and charm; a new house that combines the emotional comforts of yesterday with the creature comforts of today. A new home can be crafted with familiar forms with harmonious proportions of tradition and also be planned for convenience and tailored for modern living. We can create such a home using 21st Century building technologies; a home that will be Built Leaner, Faster, Stronger, Greener,  BETTER!™

Historic Re-Creations

New Homes That Look Old

Old House Reality Check

Many of us have been out on a walk or a drive and have discovered a neglected old house and our heart begin to race. "That's my house" is the thought. And we start to believe the house of our dreams is really an old house. However, real old houses come with real problems. The beauty of simple fixer-upper may just be skin deep. Quite often, old houses have deteriorated too far to be salvaged without major renovations or rebuilding. There may be gaping holes in the floorboards, daylight through walls, structural supports rotted, the roof leaks, the wiring is out dated, the foundation has shifted, a long endless list of repairs that need to be done simply to make the house inhabitable. Frequently, there are just too many problems to solve and most homeowners have neither the will nor the financial resources to solve them. 

Historic Re-Creations  Understands

Historic Re-Creation understands what you are looking for. There are timeless patterns in the way old houses are put together, which can become a template for making something new from something old. Victorian, Craftsman, Greek Revival, Italianate, Queen Anne, whatever architectural style you desire. Create new designs within the rules of a style with natural materials, modern materials or salvaged antique materials.  All of the charm and soul of the past with today's modern amenities and built with 21st Century building techniques to ensure your new old house will give you decades of pleasure and is built for the ages. 

Historic Re-Creations is all about ​reviving classic homes of the past. A simple tour of today's new homes you will see most are cookie-cutter copies, ordinary, and sometimes just plain ugly. Many of today's homebuilders have lost touch with the commitment to craft and quality and the beauty and charm represented in the architecture of a by gone time. Character and presence are sadly lacking in today's tract built homes. The wooden clapboard siding has been replaced with vinyl, majestic rooflines have become unadorned and uninspiring, interiors once trimmed with rich walnut and mahogany are now trimmed with painted pine, and mellowed floorboards have been replaced with laminate. There is a certain soul and a seductive charm that draws us irresistibly toward old houses.