Off-Site Construction

  • The #1 green and lean building process!
  • Stronger and better built than on-site construction!
  • Structures built in weeks instead of months!
  • Costs up to 40% less than on-site construction!
  • Reduces market risk!
  • Increases sales!
  • Increases profits!
  • Built Leaner, Faster, Stronger,  Greener,  BETTER!™

Looking For Projects

"We are currently looking for projects and joint venture partners. If you are an owner or principal of a residential or commercial construction company and looking to increase your profitability, or have prime real estate that would be a candidate for major residential or commercial development, please submit the details and your contact information."

Robert Bachman, Managing Director & C.E.O.

Managing Director & C.E.O.

Robert Bachman


Robert Bachman, Managing Director & CEO  of American Building Technologies Group, LLC, graduated from the University of Iowa with a Bachelors of Science Degree and attended Drake University's College of Law. He has extensive post graduate work from the University of Iowa's colleges of graduate Studies and Business Administration with concentrations in Public Administration and Industrial Relations. Upon leaving academia, Robert worked with General Land Development Corporation in the marketing and sales of their commercial real estate developments. Robert was associated with the regional brokerage firms of Allied Capital and Andrew Alen Securities as a General Securities and Option Principal dealing with new issue syndications, security analysis, sales, and sales staff supervision. Mr. Bachman founded Great American Home Builders, Ltd. and American Building Systems, Ltd. serving as Managing Director and General Manager respectively. He worked as a consultant prior to organizing American Building Technologies Group, LLC. Mr. Bachman is the Manager and principal shareholder of Deseret Holdings, LLC, which is the Initial Member of American Building Technologies Group, LLC.