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American building technologies group (the abtec group)

The ABTEC Group, represents an evolutionary and revolutionary approach to residential and commercial construction, a new way of thinking, Reinventing How We Build!™  ABTEC will open its doors Third Quarter of 2019 and will begin producing high quality, architecturally and environmentally friendly, prefabricated and modularized, residential and commercial factory-built components featuring ABTEC cross-laminated Timber - CLT.  Everything from basic ABTEC CLT™ wall panels and ABTEC CLT™ floor and roof systems, to CLT sub-sections and full hybrid sub-assemblies units all designed with ABTEC CLT™ and assembled using the revolutionary and groundbreaking "ABTEC Construction Process."™ ABTEC CLT™ and the ABTEC Construction Process™ - "Simply the Best!"™

Off-Site Multi-Family & Commercial

Off-Site Construction

If you look at construction industry statistics over a 40-year period span, you will find no productivity improvement as an industry. ABTEC's primary focus is to provide a means and a process to dramatically increase productivity in residential and commercial construction through prefabrication and modularization - OFF-SITE CONSTRUCTION. Through modern technologies, with the precision bestowed by BIM (Building Information Modeling) and the quality provided by modern materials and manufacturing facilities, prefabrication and modularization are now key components of the drive toward making improvements in the construction industry not before possible. Off-site construction is a process NOT a product! Off-site construction is a process that dramatically increases productivity, improves quality, completes projects in weeks not months, while delivering cost savings up to 40% over traditional on-site construction - ABTEC Builds Leaner, Faster, Stronger, Greener,  BETTER!™